Lafayette Terrace Residence

Nahant, MA


Kreitzberg Library


Situated on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this home has a 270-degree view looking north. From the main living space you see the sunrise and sunset over the water. The owner was a neighbor to this house for two decades and when this came on the market as a tired, mid-Century home with low ceilings and few windows, they saw an opportunity to transform and revitalize this property as their retirement home. The owners are artists themselves and collect art as well; the north light in the main living space of the house had great appeal for its even, clear light throughout the day.

The lower floor can be segregated as a separate unit, for use by the owner’s adult children, or as an airbnb. It has a separate kitchen, bath, living area, and two bedrooms, and spills out onto the terrace outside. When not in use by patrons, it is an extension of the main living space upstairs. The second floor is the main living area for the owner, and a new deck overlooking the terrace extends the living space at this floor. The design solution lifted the main roof gable facing the ocean and incorporated skylights to maximize windows at the perimeter and light at the heart of the plan over the kitchen.

Completed: 2019

Size: 3,900 GSF total renovation

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