Jones Architecture's Mission
Mission: Support our clients in the broadest sense as they seek to shape their environment.

Support our clients: Our most important job is serving the client. We want to build relationships as much as buildings.

In the Broadest Sense: We offer so much more than the traditional scope of programming, design, documentation, and construction observation. Stemming from the concept of service, we are there for anything that you need relative to your physical environment.

Shaping Environments:
Taking this as broadly as possible, we advise on any aspect of your physical environment. This can range from the broad to the specific, from the large to the small; a question about peers or benchmarks; a conversation about a code concern; the opportunity that an underutilized space might offer; a recommendation for a consultant; steps toward a more environmentally sustainable operating model; comprehensive planning, design, or owner's project management services.
Our design is responsive to context, defined in both generic and specific terms. It may include environmental, societal, cultural, architectural, and historical aspects, or any combination thereof. Design need not imitate any given context, but must recognize and respond to it.

Of these potential contexts, we believe first and foremost that it is our ethical obligation to create solutions that leave the lightest possible imprint on the environment. At the same time, our designs must be embraced by their users in order to be successful and fully utilized. By carefully integrating site, program, systems, use patterns, operations and maintenance, and building design we achieve solutions that balance environmental responsibility, resources, and performance with occupant comfort and well-being.

We believe that design is arrived at through consensus building. On the owner side, it is rare that we are involved with a project where a broad and varied stakeholder group is not represented. On the design team side, we collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team, drawing together experts to respond to the specific needs of the project at hand. Our central role in a project is the orchestration of this process; we are the leaders of this consensus building exercise. We manage the complexity of this process, addressing the aspirations of individual stakeholders, while ensuring that the holistic vision of the project is retained.