Public Park Pavilions

Crowley Cottrell, Salem, MA


Beacon Street Residence


We collaborated with landscape architects Crowley Cottrell to provide architectural design and support services for the following public park projects in Salem, MA:

Splaine Park Pavilion:
Jones Architecture provided schematic design and construction document services for a pavilion to be located within a redesigned urban park in Salem. Cost was a major design driver, as were issues of safety and durability. The selected design proposal uses low-cost materials to produce a simply detailed shade structure whose components – cast-in-place seat walls, untreated wood, and slate shingles – reemerge throughout the larger park landscape.

Mary Jane Lee Park Pavilion:
Jones Architecture designed a robust pavilion for the Phase II renovation of Mary Jane Lee Park. Sandwiched between an existing play structure and splash pad, the “patchwork” nature of the pavilion responds both formally and functionally to the park as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

Completed: 2013 (Splaine Park Pavilion);
2017 (Mary Jane Lee Park Pavilion)
Size: 77,000 GSF total;
550 GSF pavilion (Splaine Park Pavilion);
32,000 GSF total;
515 GSF pavilion (Mary Jane Lee Park Pavilion)

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  • Splaine Park site plan


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