Building 24

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA


Building 24


Jones Architecture completed three renovation projects located in Building 24, a mid-century concrete frame building: the Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS) Department, the Materials Processing Center (MPC), and the Music & Theater Arts (MTA) Department. The LNS project consolidates faculty offices; graduate student bullpen spaces; support spaces; and conference rooms. The MPC pairs industry research initiatives from global partners with appropriate faculty lines of inquiry to further the prospects of both. We updated this important suite of administrative offices, conference room, visiting faculty/researcher space, and shared collaborative work areas to enhance its branding and better serve its user base. The MTA renovation consolidates faculty office and research space, musical instrument storage, a piano lab, and a music classroom.

Completed: 2013 (LNS); 2014 (MPC); 2015 (MTA)
Size: 11,800 GSF (LNS); 3,300 GSF (MPC); 1,950 GSF (MTA)

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“…the MPC staff benefited greatly from your skill by utilizing our allocated space and infrastructure both effectively and efficiently, combined with an obvious desire to provide exceptional customer service. Your attention to detail raised the professional image of this office.”

— Mark Beals, Associate Director, Materials Processing Center



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