The George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security

Northeastern University, Burlington, MA

Research Institute


This client operates a campus which is conducting research with funding and partnership with a variety of U.S. Government agencies, among them Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. Jones Architecture has been routinely called upon to provide design and planning for many sensitive and complex project types, including:

  • Venture Capital Creation Lab: Previously under-utilized space transformed into a multi-purpose wet lab and office spaces for start-up businesses to share resources; included extensive upgrades to the building systems and site utilities.
  • T.E.M. (Transmission Electron Microscope): Houses a highly sensitive microscope and observation room for the study of materials at an atomic level; required carefully calculated interior envelope to support the cooling and air-supply system which allows the air in the space to maintain extremely tight tolerances in temperature and air movement.
  • Crisis Response Center: Flexible emergency response training space in which teams simulate disaster conditions and evaluate team reaction in real time; the space opens up to host larger workshops, trainings, or symposiums.
  • Cold Spray Lab: Designed with a carefully calibrated HVAC system, acoustic and vibration mitigation, and a thoughtful structural retrofit to allow the highly precise equipment to be fully functional.
  • Roger’s Corporation Lab Expansion: Tenant fit-out includes a dry electronics lab, a battery lab, and supporting office space.
  • UAS Drone Lab: re-purposing of an existing auditorium for use as an indoor/outdoor Unmanned Aerial System flight area; required coordination of intricate monitoring systems including radio antenna, high resolution cameras, and strobe lights.
  • KRI Office Suite: office space to improve connectivity and communication between staff and researchers.



Completed: 2016 (Business Venture Incubator & T.E.M. Lab); study TBD (Crisis Response Center); September 2017 (Cold Spray Lab); December 2017 (Roger’s Corporation Lab Expansion); October 2017 (KRI Office Suite); Spring 2018 (UAS Drone Lab)

Size: 12,000 GSF (Business Venture Incubator); 3,000 GSF (T.E.M. Lab); 2,800 GSF (Crisis Response Center); 2,000 GSF (Cold Spray Lab); 3,800 GSF (Roger’s Corporation Lab Expansion); 1,800 GSF (KRI Office Suite); 5,500 GSF indoor/30,000 GSF outdoor (UAS Drone Lab)

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