Narrative Box 9

7 – Anticipate capital costs coming down as demand increases

Costs vary by region. In New England right now, higher costs for mass timber center around the fact that our region lacks a robust field of contractors that have experience installing CLT. That’s quickly changing, and costs will adjust as supply and demand stabilize. Ultimately, mass timber will likely be close to equal to or even less than the cost of concrete and steel, especially if the vision for revitalizing the Northeast’s forestry industry is realized.

8 – There are so many good reasons to use wood

We love its design possibilities, its effects on health and wellbeing, and most of all, that mass timber is a renewable material with the power to reduce the building sector’s contribution to global climate change, and the potential to breathe new life into an industry that has been vital to our regional economy. It’s not a silver bullet, but it is a game changer, and Jones Architecture is thrilled to be playing.